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Adsense Flippers: Building A Niche Site Empire Review

If you are thinking about building specific niche sites and monetizing them using ads like adsense or affiliate programs like, then a place that  can teach you how to do it is Adsense Flippers. This site is run by Joseph Magnotti and Justin Cooke, who have their own site flipping business and an outsourcing company called TryBPO. What’s great about this site is that they offer a wealth of information on how to build income-earning websites based on their own experiences.

It’s quite refreshing to come to a site that does not try to sell you something right off the bat. Their primary goal is to sell you their own sites that they have made. The information they provide for free allows us to build our own websites using their techniques. If it works for us that if it works for us, we could buy their sites instead of constantly building our own sites from scratch. To me that is the right way to do it. They have nothing to hide and it doesn’t feel like a scam in any way.

Besides their website, they also have a weekly podcast as well that’s packed with tons of useful tips and tricks.

In April, they presented a free webinar and free book on the process of creating your niche site. The content provided is excellent and it is comparable to a number of niche site ebooks that cost $40 or more. The layout is clean, professional and easy to follow, not your typical ebook where it was saved as a PDF file straight from the word processor. Plus the ebook did not have a lot of fluff. While introductions are expected, many internet marketing ebooks spend the first five to ten pages boasting about the author’s accomplishments. It is not so with their ebook.

In any case, I highly recommend that you check their ebook and free webinar. It is free and there is no obligation for you to buy anything else. As for me, I don’t know them personally nor do I get any special favors from them as well. This is an honest review and you basically have nothing to lose by downloading the ebook and testing their system out.

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Niche Websites Are Dead: What's The Next Big Thing In Internet Marketing?

Probably one of the more popular trends in internet marketing over the past two years is building Adsense sites. There are several ways to doing it but the one that got the most attention was the micro-niche site approach to building adsense sites. This was known as building X-Factor sites named after a program developed by John James Johnson. The idea was to a build site that basically focused on one high paying but low competition keyword. It became quite popular to the point where spammy sites that had very little useful content began flooding Google’s search pages. Then Google changed the algorithms and these sites began to tank in the rankings.

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This is NOT an 'Affiliate Resurrection' Review

About a year ago, I signed up for Affiliate X, which is a website that specializes in Clickbank product research. They offered all sorts of upsells, like half-baked website templates plus, if you get on their list, you’ll be bombarded with emails hawking the latest Internet Marketing “frauduct.” Basically, the guys that run this site only want to make a quick buck and do not give a rats ass what they are pushing to people on their list. All they want is the commission.

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Anik Singal’s Profit Jackpot: An Honest Review

Anik SingalAnik Singal is well known in the internet marketing community for producing half-assed products that don’t work very well.  He’s good at talking up his product as the end all and be all, only to offer upsells that will really make your system complete. On top of that, Anik will send you every other day an email hawking someone else’s internet marketing product.

I’ve purchased two of his products, PPC classroom and another one that helped you to build websites quickly. PPC classroom was laid out pretty well, but you can get better info at the Warrior Forum.  That other one was just plain garbage. The interface was cluncky and it created very ugly websites. oh well. I quickly got a refund for that.

Anway, a few months ago, Anik Singal released Profit Jackpot. The landing page featured an annoying video with shaky camera shots, fast edits and switching between  black and white and color footage. Of course, Anik talked about how all these push-button  internet marketing products (that he probably promoted himself) are all hype and lies.

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Salty Droid: Screwing the Internet Marketing Syndicate

There’s a really cool site called The Salty Droid. It’s dedicated to attacking popular internet marketers and self help gurus. It’s quite inciteful and very entertaining.  I found this site through one of the forums I frequent. It goes on to bash such IM & Self Help gurus like Frank Kern, Mike Koenigs, Anthony Robbins, and his current target, James Ray.

The stuff in there is quite amazing, but there are a couple of post in there that are just plain shocking.

Main Street Marketing Machines :: Fusion ShitStorm

This post has actual recordings of IM gurus Mike Koenigs,  Frank Kern, Trey Smith and Andy Jenkins discussing ways to basically scam people in paying thousands of dollars for what sounds like  a half-ass product.

And here’s another post featuring conversation between Jeff Walker and Andy Jenkins as they planning something called the Video Boss.

Syndicate Shit Storm

Awesome stuff.   We highly recommend you check this site out if you do anything in Internet Marketing.




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