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Facebook AdPower Experiment: Google Adwords Still Better?

We haven’t started using the techniques from Facebook AdPower course but we did go through the one hour and twenty three minute presentation. We’ll go more into detail about the intro video in the next post.

Instead, we googled to see if there were other opinions about Facebook’s Ads and how it compares to Google’s Adwords.

The opinions are mixed, of course, but we glanced over two sites that experimented to see if Facebook Ads was better than Google.  The results were mixed . However these tests were done in 2008, so there may have been changes to Facebook since then.:

Google Adwords vs Facebook Ads – Gosublogger

At Gosublogger, they had more impressions in Facebook than Google (818,902 vs. 125,900) and more clicks in Facebook than Google (251 vs 93) but it resulted in a lower Click Through Rate (.03% vs .07%). As for cost per click, Facebook was cheaper ($0.16 vs $0.45).  However, the article does not state how well the clicks converted to sales.

Facebook Ads Don’t Work. Here’s Proof

This experiment had Facebook had a .08% click through rate vs. Google’s at 4.47%

Here’s their conclusion:

Comparing every single metric, Google Adwords visitors were far more engaged, far more valuable, and far better targeted. The traffic was cheaper and more consistent. The volume was far higher.

It’s not even close. Facebook Ads just don’t work.

And for all the hype that it’s gotten, it’s not even in the same ballpark as Google’s Adwords. Not even the same league. While targeting users by their listed interests may sound promising, it’s just not very effective.

The take away from all this is that people on Facebook are not looking to buy something where people searching on Google may be looking for something specific. So while Facebook can offer very targeted ads, the challenge for the internet marketer is to get the non-buyer to buy.

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